Daemon is a novel by Daniel Suarez which depicts the actions of a computer program called 'The Daemon'. Created by multi-millionaire genius video game creator Matthew Sobol. Daemon quickly begins to infiltrate large corporations and governments, blackmailing hundreds of thousands of people into doing its bidding.

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Daemon is spread across 45 chapters encompassing 3 parts.

We learn that Matthew Sobol, a multi-millionaire genius, has died. Two of his coworkers are killed in mysterious ways, the first is decapitated while riding a dirtbike and the second is electrocuted while trying to open the metal door to a server room. Detective Peter Sebeck is trying to find leads on this before being sent an email with a video of a grainy sillahouete claiming to be Matthew Sobol, and that he can't be stopped. He forewards this to the FBI who organise a raid on Sobol's mansion.

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Daemon was self-published by Suarez's own company, Verdugo Press, in late 2006. It was republished by major publishing house Dutton in 2009. Walter F. Parkes has expressed an interest in making a film adaption.

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